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What Is Melamine Tableware May 16, 2017

Melamine tableware

Melamine tableware, also known as melamine tableware, melamine resin powder by heating pressure compression molding

Melamine tableware is a high molecular polymer, abbreviated as MF, the monomer is formaldehyde and melamine. Reaction with 37% formaldehyde aqueous solution, formaldehyde and melamine two monomers molar ratio of 2 to 3. The results show that the amount of formaldehyde is increased and the reaction is easy to proceed with the increase of the amount of formaldehyde. When the amount of formaldehyde is changed, the melamine resin obtained from different hydroxymethyl melamine can be prepared. When the reaction system has pH = 8.5, the side reaction Less reaction is easy to control; high temperature, fast reaction rate, in the range of 54 ~ 80 ℃ on the amount of formaldehyde has little effect.